Friday, October 30, 2009

Bella Thorne, Ryan Newman and Haley Pullos: Inspire Magazine Photoshoots

Inspire Magazine recently featured Bella, Ryan and Haley (General Hospital).


With fiery red locks, Bella Thorne (Big Love) is "Little Red Riding Hood" in celebration for 2009's Halloween. As every year goes on by, the mini-starlet shines with a custom outfit or nicely picked apparel and runs from house to house stealing looks and snagging candy from each home. For tradition, the Thorne family "each have a pumpkin and carve...all together. [They] roast the pumpkin seeds and go trick or treating." She had some intersting ideas for costumes as Thorne suggested female outfits of "fairy tales, Disney Princesses, and costumes from past years like 80s girl or a flapper." Halloween just isn't about receiving candy and tagging along with friends, it's also " have your family." She went on saying, "If you are with people that you love, anywhere can be a party." Celebrating with her family, they often make "make yummy deserts, listen to great music, dance, [and] have creepy decorations which you can make yourself." Though Thorne, who just turned 12-years-old, is still young enough to go trick-or-treating, we yearn for those childhood days. If you feel too awkward for hopping from house-to-house in your old and dusty costume, grab a horror flick and bring out the popcorn. Thorne recommends "Paranormal Activity" for an outing and "The Grudge" for a stay-at-home night, or check out her blood and gore film, "Forget Me Not" with Cody Linley and Carly Schroeder. With tips from this superstar, celebrate Halloween using her advice and send us feedback and let us know about your night.


Little Miss Ryan Newman, in her black Kaiya Eve tank top and skirt, is the cute and delightful star of Disney XD's Zeke and Luther. It is a original Disney show about best friends who strive to become the world's best skateboarders. Newman is Ginger Thatcher, an audacious character who is Zeke's younger sister. Growing up, Newman was a working model but ultimately chose to focus on acting. She has been in various films throughout her lifetime. From Steven Speilberg's "Monster House" to the children's action film, "Zoom." Now filming season two of Zeke and Luther in which was just released this year, her experience has been completely "amazing." Upon her cast, she says "there's a huge age difference but they never make fun of how young I am." As any average 11-year-old, Newman loves watching "Hannah Montana," and "Wizards of Waverley Place." Though still young be watching "Glee," she definitely loves the Disney Channel shows. Though Newman has already worked with big-named actors like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kevin James, Tim Allen, and even Courtney Cox, she hopes to work with Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart some time in the future, and yes - she is a Twilight fan. "I love love love the books!" She has read up to, "New Moon" and is not yet allowed to read any further. This Halloween, she is portraying "Minnie Mouse," of which the costume was her mother's. As a tradition for Halloween, she goes "trick-or-treating" and her family has "dinner outside" as what her neighborhood often does. In the spirit of Halloween, we questioned whether Newman would star in any horror, but she would rather star in a drama in hopes of a character that has all three of her capabilities: "singing, acting, and dancing." This young starlet will continuing shining as the year ends, but by 2010, we're expecting to see more of Newman everywhere. So "keep watching Zeke and Luther!"


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